Saturday, May 30, 2009

Guten Tag.46--DoppelTag Saturday! The Learning Channel and Rabbit Season.

Because even though it is summer, and I only have one class, I still find a way to be lazy and not update on time. Apologies.

Yeah, you've probably watched these shows on TLC. I know I have. While eating triangles.

I think the inspiration for this week's strip came from years ago, when one of my brothers either almost ran over a bunny when mowing the lawn, or actually did, and severed its foot. And I'm neither a PETA fanatic, nor a proponent of animal cruelty, but I can't help but see the irony in the latter scenario...

Well, I wish you a fantastic week. Don't get stressed out.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Guten Tag.45--Comi-conned

So yeah, I went to my first comicon this past weekend. It was pretty sweet. Saw Guy Davis, who has been drawing the B.P.R.D. series regularly for the past few years. Got to talk about the series a little bit while he did a cool sketch of Abe Sapien.
Also got to talk to David Peterson, who draws Mouse Guard, and is also from Michigan. My friend Sean and I were talking to him about how he does his comic, and just comics in general. He had some good advice about plotting the script and laying out panels. He also did a nice sketch of one of his characters, Black Axe for me. 

The cool thing is that this all happened within an hour of the doors opening, so I just walked around for the next 6 hours looking through boxes of comics. I guess that's how comicons go? Maybe it's just Detroit. I'm sure San Diego or New York is much bigger and has more stuff to do, but that's alright. The fact that there were less people than I expected meant it was easier to talk to the guests, so that was cool. 

Some dudes from Battlestar Galactica were there too. Commander Tigh and Chief Tyrol, for any nerds who follow the I did... Anyways, they were cool to talk to. Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) was talking to us about the Red Wings/Anaheim series, so that was cool. Some old dude was creeping out the girl who played Kat from BSG. He wanted her to sign a picture that was taken of him and her, in which he was wearing a shirt with a picture of him and her on it... It's like when you take a picture of yourself holding a mirror. And then he got down on his knees and gave her a box of chocolate or something. The dude sitting at her table, comicon security or whatever, I guess, was up in his face waiting for him to do something, but this guy was just being weird in a non-threatening way. Awkward. 

So overall, got a bunch of sweet deals on trades, got to talk to some artists/writers that I like, got to talk to some guys from a show I watched religiously, saw a few people dressed up like Deadpool and other superheroes, Storm Shadow(?), missed Taimak (Bruce Leeroy from The Last Dragon), etc. It was alright. I'll probably go back next year. 

Alright. Later.