Monday, June 15, 2009

Guten Tag.47--A Double Dose of Wasting Your Time

Hoo boy. Busy week coming up. My cousin in the Air Force will be home tomorrow and is getting married this Saturday. I'm standing in the wedding, so all the usual wedding stuff is going on this week, plus it's the last full week of my illustration class. My last project is to design a barf bag. Not a whole lot of ideas yet, except for this sketch:

For those unaware, a rainbow colored yawn (or rainbow yawn, for short) is one of many euphemisms for barf. I thought that it would make sense that a cloud would vomit a rainbow, given the context of this bag possibly being in an airplane. It would be colored of course. So yeah, this illustration class is great.

Too bad about the Wings. 
This is not a sports blog, and I am nowhere near qualified to discuss sports, so I won't.
However, the Red Wings are an amazing team, and I think one of the best faces of Detroit that we can present to the country, so I'm bummed to see them lose the Cup.
But they will definitely be back next year. 

Alright, end of stuff unrelated to Guten Tag.

Drink milk.