Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Water we going to do? Almost flood the basement, that's wat.

Today was pretty funny.
Actually, it sucked a little bit, but then that became funny.

I've had my drums and a PA system in the basement for a few weeks, waiting to be set up again, so I decided to do that today. After I finished, I remembered that when my band used to practice down there, we had strung up some rope light to the wall to make it look cool. More like we duct taped it there. So this time, I had the bright idea of screwing in some hooks to hold the light, instead of duct tape. I got maybe 3-4 in, found the stud through the wall for the last one, and was drilling the last hook when water just shot out all over the place.

I drilled through the dang water pipe. Water sprayed all over the wall opposite the pipe, which is about 15-20 feet. Which sucked majorly, since like I said, I had all my drums and PA system and artwork from last semester just sitting there soaking up gallons of water. I think my guitar amp was actually facing the pipe. I finally got the valve shut off, but I hope all my stuff dries out.
I actually almost drilled into the electrical wiring, which was maybe an inch from the water pipe.

Oh well. Crisis over.
This only strengthens my belief that art is where I should be heading, and definitely not any sort of carpentry or home repair.

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