Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guten Tag.14

Hello. Guten Tag time.

Oh man, I'm watching The Empire Strikes back, and I've come to the decision that the original Star Wars trilogy is one of the few movies worth passing down to my kids. That is, if I have kids. That is, if I get married. If I get a girlfriend. Anyways. I remember first seeing the movies as a kid and thinking how big the story was, and how believable the characters were. Now, after watching the documentary that's on the dvd box set, it's crazy to see how they made so much work on such a small budget, at least by the standards of today's movies. It's weird that with all the advanced technology and ability to depict space battles in cgi in the newer Star Wars movies, the models used in the original trilogy look and feel more believable to me. Well enough nerd musing. Have a great day.


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Brandon Hoffman said...

A comment on the comment, really - you know Joseph Campbell loved the Luke Skywalker character because he felt it was an accurate portrayal of the mythical hero in pop culture? I agree. With you and Campbell.