Sunday, September 14, 2008

Guten Tag.27 (Twice the Guten Tag!)

Sorry about the non-post last week. Last weekend was hectic. I was expecting to roll into the semester like it was nothing and just have all this time to throw around and put to good use, but instead I came to the realization that 15 credits can kick your butt. I had to buy a lot of books and supplies. I think I'm getting a handle on the flow of it, though. 

Well that's a brief break that I wish could last just a bit longer, but I've got to work on my speech that's due tomorrow. The topic is what I would do if I had a million dollars. I don't think I'd do anything outlandish, except provide the financial means to work on comics and music and design without worrying about having money to pay bills. Of course, I'd need a house to pay bills on. So I'd buy a house. Probably in Tennessee or some other state that has landscape nice enough to look out on every morning. And then I'd have room for a recording studio and an art studio. But I should probably invest it first. Whatever. 

Have a good week.



Aunt Sissy said...

As I was reading your post to Uncle Tim, he immediately broke out into the first stanza of... "If I Had a Million Dollars" by the Bare Naked Ladies and now I can't get him to QUIT SINGING. THANKS! Guess maybe I should quit reading out loud to Uncle Tim :) Love you, Aunt Sissy

Ryan Hoffman said...

haha. that's great.

Aunt s said...

So, how'd the speech turn out? Did you get an A??? I'm sure YOU DID!!!